RT @MrVice_TSLA: Inspiring to see how motivated our Year 11 cohort is @hastingsacademy. ECDL Success & Maths prizes at assembly this morning. #LAUNCH

RT @MissBaxter_THA: A fantastic day collecting data for the year 10 geography students @hastingsacademy well done everyone! http://t.co/5dT2k20Bd7

RT @HAT__HR: @sl_academy @hastingsacademy The Hastings Academies Trust is currently recruiting for a variety of support and teaching roles. Apply today!!

RT @MsBowers_THA: @hastingsacademy You guys! AMAZING. So looking forward to Monday at The Marlowe. Well done to the team of y7-y11. #ProudtoBeYourTeacher

RT @MsBowers_THA: @hastingsacademy A*s all round for #Hood in the drama exam. Well done you wonderful students....mwah

RT @MissMcD_THA: HOOD!!! Tonight!!! This kids are out of this world! @hastingsacademy @MsBowers_THA @MrsEParks_THA o http://t.co/OeJ758qRH1

RT @mrgrove_THA: Look what one of my y8 made using @UltimakerGB and #tinkerplay @hastingsacademy this morning, well done Diego http://t.co/Og1gSJrzfa

RT @MsBowers_THA: @MrsEParks_THA @hastingsacademy amazing rehearsal with Performing Arts group this afternoon. Coming together really well. #goodluck #fabby!

RT @bowers_jake: So looking forward to seeing HOOD directed by the amazing @MsBowers_THA at the @hastingsacademy on Thursday! https://t.co/1KxTpWe6jM

RT @MsBowers_THA: @hastingsacademy Going out 'in role' as MUZ from #hood to Tesco. What would MUZ get? Find out this Thursday 5pm HOOD

RT @carolinepepper: Mfl teachers @hastingsacademy - raising money for Marie Curie at Swimathon 2015. Bring on next year. http://t.co/ou48sqqvgi

RT @MrMatthews_THA: @hastingsacademy Yr10 students going through a mock test on Fitness Components @CollettMr @MissNobbs @MissMcWhinney http://t.co/Fx8nVbXX9i

RT @MrStarkey_Tha: Yr9 History students completing DC3 assessment on Public Health @hastingsacademy #PRIDEthroughsuccess http://t.co/BRRuz9HYbK

RT @CollettMr: Well done @hastingsacademy yr9 football team, competing & playing well in the semi-final tonight against Causeway. http://t.co/xuEBNPwaZ5

RT @MsBowers_THA: @hastingsacademy excellent choral work today. Moving HOOD upwards! Well done drama luvvies. MWAH!

RT @MsBowers_THA: @hastingsacademy NEXT Thursday! Come and see HOOD! 5pm in The Hall. http://t.co/h0d5EVzNuM

RT @RichardStreet66: Fantastic hour spent @hastingsacademy with @michaelwincott taking questions from bright, intelligent youngsters on all sorts of issues.

RT @MsJones_TSLA: Excellent session @hastingsacademy on our collective vision for the future #pridethroughsuccess http://t.co/ET6GPtHjPV

RT @MrVice_TSLA: Mission alignment @hastingsacademy #PRIDEthroughsuccess. Believe, Achieve, Exceed. http://t.co/176VyXJU3s

RT @MissMcD_THA: Half term rehearsals for Hood. Not long now! @hastingsacademy @MsBowers_THA #NT http://t.co/DDXcwdCHVy

Welcome to the Hastings Academy

Michael Brett


A good education lasts a lifetime, therefore selecting the right school for your child is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions you will have to make, so as well as browsing through our website, I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to come and visit The Hastings Academy where you can meet our talented students as well as our highly skilled and committed team of staff.

As the Principal, I feel incredibly privileged to be leading such a friendly and vibrant school that has state of the art facilities which include innovative learning spaces within our new building, extensive IT provision, outstanding sports facilities that boasts a 3G floodlit football pitch and an extensive range of extra curricula clubs to meet the needs and interests of all of our students.

One of the many strengths of The Hastings Academy is the Schools within Schools model where every student is known, enabling the tutors to give the essential care guidance and support which is so important in ensuring that every single student realises and then exceeds their potential, and in doing so, developing within them the necessary skills and attributes required to succeed in their post 16 studies and in the 21st century workplace.

The Hastings Academy achieved a Good in its last inspection and it is my unequivocal determination that we build on the strengths and past successes by working in close partnership with the students, parents and carers and the wider community in providing a fully inclusive first class education.