RT @MissSparrow_THA: Excellent start to Y11 English revision @hastingsacademy http://t.co/oWGGdlxKin

RT @ICE_SEEngland: Congrats @wsp_uk @eastsussexcc @arupgroup @kiergroup - @hastingsacademy shortlisted for ICE Engineering Excellence award #seeawards

RT @mrgrove_THA: @hastingsacademy @mrgrove_THA: Good morning y11#dtrm, I will be in w2 in 1/2 hour 9:30 to lunch time (ish). See you there!

RT @MrsGlynn_THA: Don't forget year 11 GCSE PE revision @hastingsacademy this morning in the sports centre. Get prepared and ready for your exam!

RT @mrgrove_THA: Good morning y11#dtrm @hastingsacademy I will be in w2 in one hour 9:30 to lunch time (ish). See you there!

RT @MrWall_THA: @hastingsacademy students home safe and well after an amazing ski trip to Saalbach in Austria. An amazing time had by all! #PGL

RT @MissSparrow_THA: Well done to Y11s attending revision sessions today. Don't forget next Thursday (17th) is English revision, see you there! @hastingsacademy

RT @carolinepepper: @hastingsacademy discover Scissor silhouette portrait ! #thainparis http://t.co/wzS3wNL4WY

RT @carolinepepper: @Hastingsacademy students watch caricature in action at the Pompidou #thainparis http://t.co/b8UsaiAJ7i

RT @carolinepepper: @hastingsacademy visit the Sacré C?ur #thainparis http://t.co/r6ZhH3OfdK

RT @Miss_Gammon: Yr 10 & 11 science revision, 9am monday (tomorrow) morning, f20, tea & biscuits. Start Easter revision early @hastingsacademy @MrWright_THA

RT @MrVice_TSLA: @MrsPhillips_THA @a_denholm @hastingsacademy Thank you! I am certainly looking forward to my new role as VP for Achievement & Standards

RT @a_denholm: @MrsPhillips_THA @MrVice_TSLA @hastingsacademy Thank you- I am really looking forward to my new role as VP teaching and learning.

RT @MrsPhillips_THA: Congratulations @a_denholm @MrVice_TSLA on your appointment as Vice Principals @hastingsacademy Excellent news for the whole community.

RT @MrsPhillips_THA: Students & staff enjoying an end of term BBQ in the forest school @hastingsacademy http://t.co/DiYyFUUPxX

RT @carolinepepper: 2 of our students in caricature #thainparis http://t.co/MlynYWvspE

RT @carolinepepper: What an absolute pleasure to take such an amazing group of students @hastingsacademy to Paris. We are so proud of EACH & EVERY one! Bravo !

RT @carolinepepper: Waiting in Place du Tetre before heading home to @hastingsacademy #thainparis http://t.co/3sdT7YV5j3

RT @MrsPhillips_THA: @KingslandRd thanks for calling into see us and perform @hastingsacademy .Good luck with concert tonight @hastingsbc http://t.co/SKaxwWTFTy

RT @Miss_Gammon: Year 9 worked hard to explain the forces on their rockets, now for a little play to test them @hastingsacademy http://t.co/DPdz25SsAV

Welcome to the Hastings Academy

Theresa Phillips


I am delighted to introduce you to The Hastings Academy, which opened on 1st September 2011. We moved into a brand new building during February 2013 and achieved an Ofsted ‘Good’ grading a few months later. We are now oversubscribed for entry into Year 7.

I am privileged to lead a team of talented professional staff who offer innovative and exciting learning opportunities for our students. ‘Knowing every child’ underpins our values and determination to achieve success for every young person in our academy. Our ‘small schools’ organisation provides exceptional personalised care, support and guidance.

Our main sponsor is the University of Brighton. Together with co–sponsors BT and East Sussex County Council they provide expertise and resources which bring enormous benefit to our students and staff. The Hastings Academy is federated with The St Leonards Academy as part of The Hastings Academies Trust.

Thank you for your interest in The Hastings Academy website. I hope you enjoy finding out more about us.